Sunday Haiku #2

Through the front window
the breeze brought me your perfume.
Lilacs are blooming


Lilacs (Photo credit: Julianna)

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8 responses to “Sunday Haiku #2

  1. Thanks for the links and the mention. That was my first(last) attempt at Hiaku. Thanks again..

    • You are welcome! I enjoyed your Haiku – and excellent first Haiku and I do hope it is not your last. I find I think in Haiku so maybe the form comes easier to me. To me a haiku is a word snapshot of a moment or a feeling.

      • I find I think in haiku too! It is almost like flash fiction in that there is sometimes a whole story behind the 17syllables. For example I am struggling to come to terms with my mum’s death in October and the aftermath – clearing out her home and belongings which she loved so much. They are of little value to anyone else of course. Every stage suggests a haiku to me:~
        A Life in storage,
        Works of art, labours of love
        Relics of a past

      • Thanks for the insight and the encouragement..Perhaps I will venture again into the world of Haiku

  2. Beautiful, I can almost smell the lilac. Thanks for the posting.

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