Crossed Wires

English: Crossed wires.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Locked in struggle
How is that on the skin-side far-side
I always know how this is heading to a bedding
of the natural evolution revolution?

Trapped incessantly between
cold necessity and heated compulsion
blunt obsession and sharp disregard
inner ferocity and outer submission

Always choosing the lesser of each
by some obscure degree decree
varying the rational selection inspection
solely on blind intuition fruition
the beauty of the outcome income
leading to the curves to be enjoyed and annoyed.

Always fearing the coming morning warning
will just again go to show that I know
that my choices are all too bad so sad
Once again I’m a fool been had gone mad.

How is that on the inside blindside
I always see where this is leading bleeding
to the natural rejection dejection injection?

I think my brain pain is mainly
of my own choosing losing boozing
cause part of me is misfiring on the wiring

And tomorrow I’ll be back again.

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7 responses to “Crossed Wires

  1. Mr Merlin…how goes the battle within? better I hope..

  2. Wow. Seriously, wow.

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