So little time

And so much to do
here I am cheating on my daily post by just saying I need to throw up a placeholder:)
Bad blogger!

At a conference and back from opening night reception. Cause I forgot that the time change gives me more time to post anyway! So I am back to add so me more meat to the early potato :)

We went under
the slate skies
walking in the rain
sharing our selves
as random stories
surprised how quickly
time had aged
our memories
our bodies

Cold rain soaked
we crossed over a bridge
watching the water
flow fast past
leaving us
on crumbling concrete
we had seen shaped.

Back in our hotel
we shared a hot shower
reminiscing of days
when we enhanced the steam
with our naked heat.
All talk and recollection
we drifted asleep
in separate beds
filled with longing
and contentment.

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8 responses to “So little time

  1. ahh funny blogger…be well :)

    • Thanks :) I did come back and add some more words…I was last in this city over 20 years ago. It has changed. And so have I. The same and yet so unfamiliar…

  2. As always an inspiration, vivid journeys your words evoke… I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Wishing you a week filled with sunshine and butterflies!

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