Old Man

English: Fishing pond near Bransford View nort...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My house is empty
creaking and sighing to itself.
Outside I hear
young childen playing in the park.
Their watchful mothers packed together
like guard dogs on duty.

I want to go outside
be with them
say hello
and speak about the weather.

But that never goes well.
They glare at my intrusion
herding up the children
for suddenly remembered
any place else.

Leaving the park to me and the squirrels.

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5 responses to “Old Man

  1. Awesome! One of ur best I have read!

    • Thank you! I really like this one – and also the second poem I posted on this day – both seemed to capture something deeper.. No one commented on either so I was wondering if my own sense of “this is good” was tainted by the fact I am the author. We all love our own children!

      • It happens to me too! Sometimes I write a post and wait for two to three days without any visit. Feels kinda depressing to see that no one likes mine.. Then suddenly like a bolt from the blue, comes an avalanche of likes and a few compliments! Really, it lifts my mood like nothing else! :D We bloggers are like movie makers, we dont know if our sense of “This is good” matches with that of our audience ;-)

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