Haiku: 100 Posts


100 (Photo credit: Ryan Christopher VanWilliams – NYC)

one hundred blog posts
made here on merlinspielen
time flies when writing.

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21 responses to “Haiku: 100 Posts

  1. Congratulations, merlinspielen! Quite an accomplishment. I look forward to your next hundredth.

  2. U took a long holiday from blogging in 2011, isnt it? I was surprised to find just 100 posts from a guy blogging since 2010. Then a closer look at ur archives told me the reason. Nyway, Congrats!! :D

  3. 100!! Impressive that you write everyday…

  4. I thought my views af 128 was a success. My other post from today was posted to stumbleupon and overnight generated almost 300 views from that link! My total viewing on June 20, 2012 was 305….my average to this point had been 45/day…wow. That is amazing. On the downside now when I get 75 views I will be disappointed :)

  5. Assalam’mualaikum…
    Hi there…, Congratz..
    and thankz for pingback .
    am listed there ya.. ;-)

  6. foroneplease

    Congratulations!! :)

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