Love as a Discrete Expression

combinatorial optimization consists of finding an optimal object from a finite set of objects.

XIX: The Dyson Sun

(Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

I am reading Gödel
when your femininity intersects
my space time dimension
filling my imagination
with undecidable propositions
of natural prime numbers
spawning highly imaginary
and irrational equations
involving impossible Euclidian geometry

mathematically distracted
I analyse the situation
graphically mapping infatuation
with your curves and data sets
trying to deduce your limits

I am lost in the infinite
exponential values of potential

If I could find the poetry
I would speak the language
of your heart with soft words
turn your eyes to mine
and pull you close
to taste your lips

The real numbers in my brain
complete their calculations
provide algorithms derived via
combinatorics and optimization
as justification for hesitation
and doing nothing.

You didn’t even see me
as you walked past.

Perfume lingering
I return to Gödel’s
incompleteness theorem.

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12 responses to “Love as a Discrete Expression

  1. Don’t understand it but its very good!!

  2. “I am lost in the infinite
    exponential values of potential”
    does one ever reach the fullness exponentially?

  3. I have always hated maths, but this one has got me confused ;-)

  4. I married a Physics major who also had a Math minor. He’s hottttt. (Please be sure to pronounce all those t’s when you say that in your head.)

  5. (its over my head too)

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