Time for a Long Weekend!

Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day Fireworks (Photo credit: Bruce Guenter)

Summer is officially here! And to kick off end of school, patio living, beaches, heat waves and mosquitoes – here in Canada we have July 1st as Canada Day! A day to celebrate the brief northern interlude between first frost and spring thaw.

Oh wait I got that wrong – Canada Day is actually a celebration of the founding of this country – officially called the “Dominion of Canada” but we all just call her Canada cause she is kinda informal that way.  July 1st, 1867 is her birthday. So Happy Birthday Canada! A good excuse for massive fireworks. I love fireworks.

So where was I before my little side-track into history and the “official” purpose of Canada Day? Ahh yes – I was talking about the real reason for Canada Day: a chance to celebrate mid-summer Canada style. Really the same reason many peoples of the Northern Hemisphere has some sort of mid-summer festival. Even our neighbours to the south have this big July 4th event.  Even better if you live near the Canada-USA border – you get to celebrate both! Two days of fireworks! I love fireworks. Can you say awesome? And to celebrate one should make and consume some awesomesauce!

Because of these celebratory obligations I will be only making brief blogger world appearances. It is a sacrifice. It is difficult. However, I think it is important that I be a good dad and show my kids the importance of celebrating and enjoying life. To show my commitment to that ideal I am starting my long-weekend right now. If I am slow to respond to your posts – and your comments it is because I am on a patio with a cold beer that needs my full attention. Priorities people. Priorities.

To all my Canadian readers – Happy Canada Day (or if you are old school – Happy Dominion Day!) And to my American neighbours in the US of A – hold on your day will come – but if you can’t wait come on over and join the party! And to everyone else – celebrate for whatever reason you wish. Life is for the living – and that means you’ve got to live life! And if you can watch some fireworks. Did I mention I love fireworks?

Peace out! Cooler – check. Ice – check. Beverages – check. Now where did I store my sun-screen and mosquito repellent? Oh and a blanket – so I will have a nice place to sit to watch the fireworks.

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9 responses to “Time for a Long Weekend!

  1. Yea have fun! I am going to a Royal Jubilee Garden Party on Tuesday at Cirencester Agricultural College here in the Cotswolds. It will be Pimms and cake, not beer but I will have a great time! Happy Canada day to you!

  2. Happy Canada day. God save the Queen!

  3. Happy Canada Day! I hope the fireworks are spectacular! I can’t wait until Wednesday for our fireworks displays here.

  4. wow! I didnt know that!

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