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Duet from the Neighbours Above

The old bed moved into the guest room, aka &qu...

eee-ooohh eee-ooohh

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Why I am a Failure – for Today.

Jane's Double Twisted 3D stars2_rev

There are some mornings when people shouldn’t get out of bed. And by people I mean me. I should have stayed in bed today. I should have stayed in bed all week. Yes the week only started yesterday – today being a Tuesday and all that entails.

First there is the mundane. I need new things. I won’t get into the list of “things” that need replacing. Just be assured there is  a list – and a growing list. From the mundanely trivial like: how is it my socks all have holes in them? Is anything made to last anymore?

Next there is the state of personal relationships. Oh god. How the hell do I manage to create the most complex interpersonal relationships in the world? It must be that I am attracted to interesting fascinating complex people. Complex being the predominate word here – cause well a simple relationship is apparently beyond my capacity to generate. No “me Tarzan - you Jane!” leading into the obvious “hey Jane – want to swing on Tarzan’s vine?”

And finally would be just about everything else in my world. Finances, career, projects, kids, aging parents, high blood pressure, stress, stupid politicians, and on and on and on. Oh and Facebook. In the end everything is always the fault of Facebook.

Or at least the fault of the internet and instant communications and the ability to be always connected all the time. And so after avoiding the whole real reason I am a Failure (Today) I just gotta learn to self-edit. Just because one can instant message – does not mean one should instant message. This is the key lesson of the modern connected world: timing is everything.

And apparently I have no sense of timing. Or appropriateness. But really in any relationship when is it a good time to bring up that fetish? Too soon and your maybe-baby is heading for the exit before you get the details explained. Wait too long and well there is the regret in finding out you could have been enjoying your fetish – and their’s too – for weeks already. Oh wait did I just say too much? Again? Forget you ever read this paragraph. Nothing of a sort happened. And those? Those are not mine.

At this point I’d say I am going back to bed – but you would read that the wrong way now. So there: I am definitely not going back to bed if you catch my drift. No! – not drift in that sense of the word. See what I mean? See how bad this is getting – my double-entendres are now performing triple duty and that just gets messy and leads you astray. Although if you enjoy that we could arrange to meet later.

Worst of all, I have nothing to write about. Complete and utter blank. Zilch. Seems to be going around this week – maybe too much summer fun? Don’t go there!

Tomorrow is another day – and fortunately the middle of the week: hump day. The rest of the week has to get easier.

"Lodgings to let" "Cartoon show...

“Lodgings to let” “Cartoon showing a fashionably dressed man standing in a well-furnished sitting-room, speaking to a pretty and elegant young woman. He wears a tophat, Hessian boots, and carries a large rough walking-stick. He says: My sweet honey, I hope you are to be let with the lodgins! She answers: No, sir, I am to be let alone.” color engraving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overwhelming Desire

WARNING: This poem contains strong language. If you don’t like the F-word – well you won’t like this. But then again you might just love it…feel the rock n roll in the soul

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

What is that I’m smelling?
ohh – something so compelling
it makes me want to strip
and blast right past courtship

I wanna get you naked
and spread you on the floor
have myself a picnic
on your hors d’oeuvre

Make my great grand entry
into your inner halls
make the windows rattle
shake the dust off the walls

Its not in my control
your pheromones drive me wild
I just wanna fuck with you
that is all I wanna do
not some ten second screw
something down and dirty
drive me wild with your body

Making love just doesn’t cut it
that’s for those birds and bees
I’m a man – you’re all woman
there’s only one thing for us
once I tasted your honey
there was no holding back
feel that thunder rising
well I just gotta take you
and ride you like a storm
if it takes all night long
for this lightening to pass

Oh I just wanna fuck with you
that is all I wanna really do
not talking some little quickie
more than just wet and sticky
I just really wanna fuck with you
hope you feel the same way too
let’s disturb the neighbours
love to hear you say it loud
come on honey fuck with me
come on baby fuck with me
there’ll be nothing finer
if you’ll just fuck with me.

Haiku: Dementia



Dad, you lived here once
this house with forget-me-nots
do you remember?

Inspired by the theme word “Forget-me-not” at


One Hour Lover

This world is so lonely
especially after dark
I’d say a prayer to somewhere
to have you for one hour
lying here in my arms
I don’t trust that there’s a heaven
or some creator way up above
looking way down upon us
so my words will just rattle here
lost on my bedroom floor

All I really know is this
there must have been a paradise
for you to be exiled here on earth
a glorious and lost eden
now barred and forbidden to us
And for you – I’d break down that gate
take you back into that garden
where we’d have a naked genesis
even if only for a moment

I understand why Faust made that deal
to give away his soul forever
for a brief moment’s sweet embrace

For you I would gladly be damned
cast away for eternity
into some wide flaming abyss
if only you would be my lover
if only for an hour of your bliss

I imagine your touch
glide of your skin on my skin
your heat mingled with mine
our sighs awakening the night
in one hour of fleeting ecstasy

For you I would be happily damned
losing everything for the memory
for nothing else has value
for nothing else has meaning
compared to an hour with you

And after my time had expired
I’d accept my chosen doom
holding close the moment past
and just keep wishing for
one more hour
and one more hour
and one more moment
and once more…
with you.