Lance and Lake

Lancelot Speed (1860-1931), "The Marriage...

 (Photo credit: sofi01)

This is insanity
to stand so near your side
I can never touch you
No matter how I’ve tried
We are born to yearning
We are born to weep

I dreamt of those racing horses again
thundering black across the night-time sky
I know they are getting nearer to me
and I fear all the dreadful reasons why
We burn with yearning
fearing as we weep

In the black of midnight
When horses break my sleep
I know I will be damned
for this love I keep
We are born to yearning
We are born to weep

I’ve seen those hooded riders on bareback
men of iron – no flesh left on their bones
They grinned with broken teeth right at me
and then they blew upon their silver horns
We break with yearning
grinning as we weep

This is my karmic curse
by the king’s own command
that you I must obey
in Whatever you demand
We are born to yearning
We are born to weep

This morning their hooves echo by my door
I know they are waiting for me – out there.
Scenting warm blood from the wound in my side
those wild horsemen would claim their righteous share
We battle with yearning
bleeding as we weep

I would steal you away
lay you on forest moss
kiss you with my desire
give up my soul as lost
We are born to yearning
We are born to weep

You will no longer find me in your night
No need to cry for me or wounded pride
Just know one day I will come to take you
to join me forever on this wild ride
We blinded with yearning
cursing as we weep

Why did he meet you first?
We are born to yearning
We are born to weep

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10 responses to “Lance and Lake

  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! :D simply great..

  2. wow is right… you are smokin hot with this one!! Wowsers… do tell what inspired you to write this magnificent piece?

    • unfettered I am glad you enjoyed this – I am actually a little taken back by the enthusiastic words of my two most regular commentators. So what inspired it? I guess as usual it started with my imagination and lust. I had to go visit someone that lives two hours away and I drove along playing with words in my head and listening to music. At that point I had this phrase in my head “We are born to yearning, we are born to weep” and another one “My sweetest seraphim, my darkest Guinevere.”
      As I drove I threw in a Loreena McKennitt ( CD I had forgotten I had in my car and listened to her song “Night Ride across the Caucasus” which made me think of the Celtic/Norse stories of the Wild Ride or the Wild Hunt. And then some of her other songs added to the layers.
      Since the theme in my head was now turning around the love of the forbidden and lustful desire for a woman already loved, and the retribution of the Wild Ride, I thought it would be interesting to weave the two ideas into one poem. The more succinct verses being the story of the lovers and the forbidden desire – and the denser verses reflecting the guilt and sin and the ultimate retribution of the Wild Ride ( on the one that has broken his duty to the “king”. The title then hints at the man telling the story as being of Lance and Lake along (so a knight of the lake – and so Sir Lancelot du Lac…) …
      And so when I arrived home late last night I needed to write that all down…started as a phrase at about 10am yesterday and posted about 10:30PM last night. So all it took was 12 hours and about 300 miles :)

  3. “This is insanity” … It is always best to open a poem with insanity.

    “We are born to yearning
    We are born to weep” … Excellent refrain.

    “Scenting warm blood from the wound in my side
    those wild horsemen would claim their righteous share” … Indeed.

    I enjoyed this very much.

  4. This was a darkly wonderful tale. Love it.

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