Gray wolf. Fran├žais : Loup. Nederlands: Wolf T...

You make me hungry.

You stand close filling my senses
with sharp-edged aching want
even just being so near to you
I can feel the blood in your veins
smell the spicy tang of your flesh
taste the sweetness of your skin

You make me hungry

Your eyes sparkle with enticement
Your lips invite my mouth to taste
Your raven hair begs for my grasp
Your presence awakens yearnings
so wildly fierce I feel on fire

You make me so hungry

I would pin you to this wall
shred your clothing
feed upon your body
starting with your lips
sliding down your skin
feast on your neck
sampling downward
over your naked form
drink in your heat
sip from your desire
awaken your appetite
so together we would
collapse entwined to
delight in madness unleashed.

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4 responses to “Ravenous

  1. foroneplease

    Wow..to be hungered for this way! Read it about five times non stop…will come back again! (and the wolf is gorgeous)

  2. sizzzzzzzzzle smokin’ ….I do hope your muse is reading this ;)

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