Why I am a Failure – for Today.

Jane's Double Twisted 3D stars2_rev

There are some mornings when people shouldn’t get out of bed. And by people I mean me. I should have stayed in bed today. I should have stayed in bed all week. Yes the week only started yesterday – today being a Tuesday and all that entails.

First there is the mundane. I need new things. I won’t get into the list of “things” that need replacing. Just be assured there is  a list – and a growing list. From the mundanely trivial like: how is it my socks all have holes in them? Is anything made to last anymore?

Next there is the state of personal relationships. Oh god. How the hell do I manage to create the most complex interpersonal relationships in the world? It must be that I am attracted to interesting fascinating complex people. Complex being the predominate word here – cause well a simple relationship is apparently beyond my capacity to generate. No “me Tarzan - you Jane!” leading into the obvious “hey Jane – want to swing on Tarzan’s vine?”

And finally would be just about everything else in my world. Finances, career, projects, kids, aging parents, high blood pressure, stress, stupid politicians, and on and on and on. Oh and Facebook. In the end everything is always the fault of Facebook.

Or at least the fault of the internet and instant communications and the ability to be always connected all the time. And so after avoiding the whole real reason I am a Failure (Today) I just gotta learn to self-edit. Just because one can instant message – does not mean one should instant message. This is the key lesson of the modern connected world: timing is everything.

And apparently I have no sense of timing. Or appropriateness. But really in any relationship when is it a good time to bring up that fetish? Too soon and your maybe-baby is heading for the exit before you get the details explained. Wait too long and well there is the regret in finding out you could have been enjoying your fetish – and their’s too – for weeks already. Oh wait did I just say too much? Again? Forget you ever read this paragraph. Nothing of a sort happened. And those? Those are not mine.

At this point I’d say I am going back to bed – but you would read that the wrong way now. So there: I am definitely not going back to bed if you catch my drift. No! – not drift in that sense of the word. See what I mean? See how bad this is getting – my double-entendres are now performing triple duty and that just gets messy and leads you astray. Although if you enjoy that we could arrange to meet later.

Worst of all, I have nothing to write about. Complete and utter blank. Zilch. Seems to be going around this week – maybe too much summer fun? Don’t go there!

Tomorrow is another day – and fortunately the middle of the week: hump day. The rest of the week has to get easier.

"Lodgings to let" "Cartoon show...

“Lodgings to let” “Cartoon showing a fashionably dressed man standing in a well-furnished sitting-room, speaking to a pretty and elegant young woman. He wears a tophat, Hessian boots, and carries a large rough walking-stick. He says: My sweet honey, I hope you are to be let with the lodgins! She answers: No, sir, I am to be let alone.” color engraving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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10 responses to “Why I am a Failure – for Today.

  1. After 3 weeks incommunicado as my TV, PC and Internet connection all gave up the ghost, I am thrilled to be back in the land of instant communication – but i do know what you mean about regretting what one has posted sometimes – I am trying to think first and write later instead of the other way round! Hope things look up later in the week!

  2. what’s in the air? FUNKY TOWN eh? sigh… I wish I could got back to bed and pull the covers over my head…

  3. It’s okay, buddy, your “failure” post is still better than many other people’s good posts.

  4. It does get better! ;-)

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