I Am Only Broken

Once long ago
I was complete
fully intact

Some yesterpast
I was human
fully endowed

Then you removed
parts of my soul
bits of my heart
pounds of my flesh
slice by thin slice
you reshaped me
And reformed me
and Frankenstein
to be your dream
and my nightmare.

with the results
you discarded me
as defective
curbside pickup
I forsaken
detritus of
human failure

You can’t be real
- expecting that
I would forgive
every slice
ignore each small
forget the pain?
I am still here
waiting my time
I didn’t die
or disappear.
I’m only wounded
I’m only broken
I’m only mad.

Completely mad
and fully able.

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11 responses to “I Am Only Broken

  1. Aren’t we all? Mad that is -

  2. Broken and bloodied, maybe, but unbowed.

  3. completely mad and fully able… very nice ending to this emotional poem

  4. Completely mad is a plus, fully able is another plus…nice isn’t it, such positivity? ;)

  5. Oh, this is a dark one. I like that you ended with “completely mad and fully able”, though. It feels like you’re setting up for a revenge poem.

  6. Always puzzle pieces, some missing. I say that now what ever marbles I have left are as smooth as they once were. Watching relatives age I am fascinated by the mind. What they want to do, can do and wish they could still do. And I try very hard not to think about that that could be me soon enough. That’s what that last line speaks to me. I agree with pffft.

  7. My only response to this is an urge to give you a hug.

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