Haiku: Unfilled

Simple triskelion with points, unfilled. For u...

your touch on my skin
awakens soulful yearning
of hungry desires

Inspired by the theme word “Soul” at
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17 responses to “Haiku: Unfilled

  1. oohh I love this one

  2. Emotions wildly expressed! Very nice :)
    Soul prefers poor pure note!

  3. Yearning ..indeed..would like to see more of your haiku..thanks…I am here.. invite you to have a look..


  4. Who-ever awakens a soul–if that is where the “hungry desires” reside–is a welcome stream.

  5. romantic and sexual…desires ‘unfilled’…nice

  6. This one is really passionate :-)

  7. Beautiful one…I like the light awakening desires!

    Broken Soul

  8. Very passionate.

  9. “Yearning of hungry desires” I like that part a lot.

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