First Thing

Frost in the greenhouse

bright blast
shiver chatter shake
frozen frosty frigid freezing
scritch scratch scrap
grumble groan

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8 responses to “First Thing

  1. Oh, yes. I just came home from skittering down the streets and sidewalks trying to avoid the ice and snow. I clumped in heavy boots, carriyng a laptop. I am groaning and grumbling.

  2. Stuck on couch
    Box of tissue close at hand
    Reflections of gray and wet seep inside
    Bundle book and blanket closer still

  3. scritch scratch scrap.. love the word play in this!
    Grumble groan is right.Hate the cold

  4. Thank you for the reblog of my post!

  5. This sounds like me scrapping the windsheilds in the morn. Uggghh. I ask you, if they can install rear window heaters that clear it in minutes without a scraper why not front? Hhhmmmm

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