Flight 19

67 years ago today 5 fighters disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle…there are still no answers as to what happened…

Flying in the sky.

Five Avengers aloft in a blue sky
flying in circles looking for land
lost in triangles gone all awry
Which way? Which way did they go?
One fell down, four left to fly.

Four Avengers aloft in a cloudy sky
flying due north looking for home
seeing only ocean wherever they vie
Which way? The compass is spinning!
One fell down, three left to try.

Three Avengers aloft in a stormy sky
flying due west on a wish and a prayer
uncertain if there is any help nearby
Which way? Has geography gone mad?
One fell down, two left to cry

Two Avengers aloft in a dark sky
flying in confusion low on fuel
looking at a fate they cannot deny
Which way? Back the way we came…
One fell down, one left to die

One Avenger aloft in a nightmare sky
flying alone and lost in despair
nothing left to keep him on high
Which way? The only way is down…
One fell down, none left to say goodbye.

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