Ramble: Fancy Hotels

I guess I haven’t posted in a while – so here is a little something so you folks know I ain’t dead yet. And yes that does mean you will have to hold off on the party for a little while longer!

Been travelling for work lately and usually I just stay at the low-budget kinda place so I have a little more spending money. Well this time the company did the booking; so here I am at one of them fancy places. Well you wouldn’t believe the kind of service you get in a better establishment. Soft bathrobes, warm towels, and people to answer all of your dumb tourist questions! I can see it is true you get what you pay for!

Some of the services are also real time savers. Like apparently all the ritzy hotels provide a turn-down service. Until yesterday I had never heard of this. So there I was when there was a knock at my hotel door door and a woman says, ‘I’ve come to turn down your bed.’ To which I replied, ‘Well that is normally what happens when I ask. Why should you be any different?’

Now I did have to tip her for that incredible service – but really it was a lot cheaper than the dinner and drinks that I normally have to provide before getting turned down!

So remember: cheaper doesn’t always save you money!

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Haiku: Razor

you hid your face
behind a mask of arrogance.
it bleeds past the edge.

What is Live Local KW?

What is Live Local KW?.

Ramble: Relaxed


Ramble: Relax



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