A thousand goblins for less than five bucks…?


A friend of mine is trying a Kickstatrter to launch an expansion of his paper miniatures for role-playing games and his line of 3D paper role-playing add-ons! Really awesome artwork, and if you are a fan old school dungeons & dragons RPGs – then this is an incredible opportunity to get your hands on exclusive Okumarts originals!

Originally posted on Dead Simple Roleplaying:

I do spend far too much time browsing the interweb, that is for certain. The reason I do it is because occasionally I come across a nugget of pure gold.
A few years ago I came across the work of an artist called Dave Okum on a paper miniatures forum. His figures stood out because of their really engaging cartoon style, their bold and effective use of colour and because he was drawing what I had always wanted to possess – damned good and fun fantasy figures.

Now before you turn your nose up at the thought of using paper/card miniatures take a glance at that unpainted pile of lead and plastic on your hobby bench, yes you know the one, the “I’ll get around to it” pile… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could produce fifty figures in a single evening that would look great on the tabletop as…

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Hand-crafted One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

A friend of mine has just launched a Tictail online store for her hand-made one-of-a-kind jewelry and I helping promote her efforts. Please go take a look – and pass on the link to anyone that you think might be interested in her creations!

She writes:

Okay, beautiful people of facebook. It’s that time of year – I need support. If you were thinking of sprucing up your jewelry closet, now is the time. Do you have a special event to go to? Perhaps you have a date coming up. Or you have a job and want to look prettier than your co-workers. Or there is a girl you’re trying to impress. (you could always win a girl’s heart with lovely jewelry.) Or you know someone who needs your support as she tries to get her little teeny weeny business off the ground. (Me! ) Whatever the case, I would really appreciate your help. And that’s that. Happy Thursday to all!



Sorrow on Fire: The Clown is Gone

The world is complicated and cruel. I made this post after finding ClownonFire.com had vanished. This is my opinion of that blog and the blog posts. Since then I have learned there is a back story of tremendous hurt. I stand by what I have written in the context I wrote it – a lament for creative talent shredded. At the end I have added links to sites that contain some of the tragic back story that consumed the blog and the blogger.”

Today I discovered ClownonFire.com is now a blank screen. An Internet Dead-end. The place that proudly proclaimed “BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS FUCKING MAGICAL™” had ended the magic. And I am brokenhearted.

This is what I retrieved from the Google Cache for his Final Post:


Nothing is forever, and we are driven by our own demons, and ghost, and memories, and sorrowful clowns. Those inner memories and personas make us who we are, make us do wonderful and wise things. And make use suddenly veer of the path into uncharted waters. Read the rest of this entry »

Feast of Leftovers: Sour Cream Biscuits

The wonder of this time of year is how much food can be squeezed into a refrigerator, and how much food I can consume without trying!

I seem to have extra sour cream and since I have been making soup – what every soup needs is a nice freshly baked biscuit. And I love sour cream biscuits. Simple and easy to make – and helps get rid of that sour cream sitting in my fridge.
(My soup recipes are: Prime Rib, Turkey)


2 cup white flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup sour cream

Preheat oven to 425°F
Mix dry ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.
Use a pastry cutter to blend.
Add the shortening and cut shortening until mixture has course pea-sized texture.
Add the sour cream and cut mixture until it is course crumbs.
Knead dough 6 to 8 strokes; if dough is too dry and not binding together, slowly add a bit of water a teaspoon at a time.
Roll out dough 1/4 inch thick. Fold in half. Roll out again and fold in half, and half again.
Now roll out to about 1/2 inch thick and cut biscuits;
bake on greased cookie sheet 10 to 15 minutes (until desired golden brown on top)

Let cool a few minutes – and then enjoy!
Not only excellent with soup but also really tasty with butter and strawberry jam.

Feast of Leftovers: Pass the Cheese!

English: Cheese: Le Rustique (French Camembert...

Christmas is a feast.
Christmas is a beast.
Tasty, tasty
eat so hasty
now we gotta leave!

This time of the year is about joy and celebration and family – and excess! That last part is optional really – yet it does seem to be part of how many of us celebrate Christmas. Too excess.

Time for a slow down and a stop. Wind down, feet up. Pause. Today we do not cook!

The leftovers in my fridge are somewhat under control now. Prime rib turned into frozen stock and delicious soup. Turkey magically shrunk from a massive blob in my fridge into more frozen stock, and a hearty turkey soup.

What I seem to have an over-abundance of now is a bunch of odds and ends. Cold cuts, fruit, and cheese! This year I have an plethora of cheese. Whew – I have now used plethora in a blog post so that is off my 2013 bucket list of words.

So today we eat the remains of the soups, and sandwiches made from the cold cuts that need to move on before they become alive! For some reason I went a little wild on cheese so I have Cheddar, Havarti, Camembert, Swiss, and Mozzarella. I did say no cooking – but does toasting count as cooking? Not if the toast involves wine – Cheers!

Wine male

Well yeah I am having wine with my lunch – because the bottle is open and needs to be saved from being wasted. And really there is nothing quite like wine and cheese to satisfy the palette !Fear not the wine will not be wasted! Other things may be wasted in the process…

A toaster oven

I will also be toasting the cheese (not just with wine!) but also in a toaster oven. I don’t count this as cooking – it is simply placing cold ingredients on some bread and clicking a dial. I like ham and cheddar on rye (even if it hasn’t been toasted yet!). But toasted it becomes a warm gooey treat full of flavours.

I am quickly writing this as my open face sandwich toasts. Two pieces of bread. One holds the ham slices. The other holds thin slices of cheddar. If the cheese had not been sliced for an cheese tray I would shred the cheese to help it melt faster. Place on a toaster safe dish or cooking sheet and pop in the toaster oven for a few minutes at 375. Hotter if you like the bread crunchier and the cheese browned slightly.

Then flip the two pieces of bread together. Like a grilled cheese with no grilling!


My lunch is ready.

Ham and Cheese Toastie

Now to go read a book and enjoy my leftover feast of the day!


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