Poem: Burned

sidewinder dark moon
backstabbing deep wound
you mock me all too soon

turntable back spin
flipflapper north wind
you named me my own doom

ferris wheel standstill
carnival wild thrill
you led me to your room

deep gasping fore play
flesh grasping ballet
you bathed me in perfume

day breaking regret
no way to forget
you pushed me out the door

and sunlight burns
more than your scorn.

Poem: Spurned

old man
foul man
rejected reject
ejected defect
go away!
stay away!
you stupid
hideous man!

don’t you know?
haven’t you learned?
nobody needs you
you don’t appeal
you don’t belong
now move along
just run along
get the hell
away from here!

Poem: Churned

up top
I upset
give rise
make way
in relief.

Ramble: Three Years of Blogging Crap

Wow and huzzah – it is my three year blog-versary! Amazing how much crap can be crapped and posted in three years. If I averaged 30 minutes every day on WordPress posting and  browsing then  I have wasted about 548 hours of my life. Wow.


3 Year Anniversary Achievement

Poem: Ourania Above


OURANIA (also Urania)

Born of memory
embedded and traced
in the stars above
mother to music
dirges of death
hymns of hope

You inspire us
mortals below
raising our eyes
from mud to stars
we weary mundane
sparked into dreaming
dazzled by your
twinkling lights
capturing souls
heroes and foes
circling ever above.


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