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June 16th: Happy National Fudge Day (USA)

After discovering it was International Fresh Veggies Day I remembered that the United States of America has many unique holidays and observances. I did a quick search for USA Observances and discovered that while the rest of the world celebrates Fresh Veggies today (along with Fathers Day) in the USA it is National Fudge Day.

I think I have nothing more to say – really you can draw your own conclusions on that one!

Veggies or Fudge? Which one to choose?

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June 16th: Happy International Fresh Veggies Day

So you know how the internet is just made for random browsing of clicking from this that and the other thing? I know you don’t do that – ever. However, in my boredom this morning I did just that and guess what today is not just Fathers Day!

NO – it is more than that. It is International Fresh Veggies Day. A day to honour fresh food from the garden. It is spring here in the Northern Hemisphere of the world – and autumn down in the lands of the south. So all farming parts of the world are enjoying the bounty of Mother Earth while celebrating Fathers Day. It is like a mom and pop event today – so nice.

So all you kids in honour of your Dad – today be nice and eat your vegetables! It is good for you. Really it is. I’m a Dad and I just said so is why…

How are you celebrating today?

Inspiration Inspired

Blank Generation

blank mind
blankly facing
blank page

bleak thoughts
bleakly racing
bleak words

I think of you and your lips
and feel the juices flowing.
Smell the memory of your scent
even though you’re miles away.
No longer searching for words
my mind is filled with action
so vivid – language fails me.

It is not a pen I crave
nor the flowing of ink.
Only what we’d inspire
and exchange with each other.

Come to me – be my canvas
so I can paint your body
with wordless inspiration
that requires no translation.

bold heart
boldly racing
bold hope

la page blanche
carte blanche
c’est ca!

Happy Fathers Day

It is Fathers Day, and so to all the dads both biological and psychological, to all the dads by choice and by circumstance, to all the dads of the past, the present and the future:

Thank you – and Happy Fathers Day!

I know that without my father I simply wouldn’t be here today.

Sugar Rush

Red Candy Apples

Red Candy Apples (Photo credit: Mason Long)

you stopped me
for directions

honey hair
candy-apple lips
toffee eyes
stuck my tongue
made my heart race
more than
ever had.

left and right
meaningless to my brain
I walked you to
your destination
hoping to find words
before we arrived.

The sweetest moments
end too soon
leaving only
timeless bitterness
for what might have been.