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Sorrow on Fire: The Clown is Gone

The world is complicated and cruel. I made this post after finding ClownonFire.com had vanished. This is my opinion of that blog and the blog posts. Since then I have learned there is a back story of tremendous hurt. I stand by what I have written in the context I wrote it – a lament for creative talent shredded. At the end I have added links to sites that contain some of the tragic back story that consumed the blog and the blogger.”

Today I discovered ClownonFire.com is now a blank screen. An Internet Dead-end. The place that proudly proclaimed “BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS FUCKING MAGICAL™” had ended the magic. And I am brokenhearted.

This is what I retrieved from the Google Cache for his Final Post:


Nothing is forever, and we are driven by our own demons, and ghost, and memories, and sorrowful clowns. Those inner memories and personas make us who we are, make us do wonderful and wise things. And make use suddenly veer of the path into uncharted waters. Continue reading

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Achieved: My 15 Seconds of Fame

Today I have achieved an honour I find more rewarding than the Freshly Pressed designation for my post “List of Lost Wishes.”

That Freshly Pressed moment was sheer bliss, and a wonderful surprise. This honour is one that doesn’t recognize a specific post, but a general “hey you are a busy blogger” recognition! Recognition of perseverance rather than any talent. So yeah – it is like getting an Oscar for Life Time Achievement after never ever winning an Oscar.

I was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on their CBC Books, Canada Writes website, and added to their series on Canadian Bloggers. How cool is that?

I have been covered by national media! I am a star! Okay well more a shooting star – see right there that brilliant streak across the sky in the dark? LOOK! No not that smear on the window I think that is a dead mosquito.

Click Canada Writes for their article on my wee little Blog (http://www.cbc.ca/books/canadawrites/2014/01/haikus-and-prime-rib-soup-stream-of-consciousness-blogging-on-merlinspielen.html)

I am in blogger nirvana now.

This is really all most writers want – that brief recognition that says: “hey look this dude can write stuff!”

Okay back to my regular programming now :)

Blogging: Back to Reality

One of the mysteries of blogging is what drives traffic to a site, and to a page. What exactly is going to get noticed and bring visitors to do some reading? Just after Christmas I started posting about the “Feast of Leftovers” and dealing with the extra food that seemed to be filling my refrigerator.

One of my posts was called Feast of Leftovers: Prime Rib Soup. I wrote that piece (on December 27th)  because of my own leftover Prime Rib, and it amused me to write about being frugal. Well it seems I discovered a small internet wave of topical interest!

I was certainly not the only one with leftover Prime Rib. Today is January 9th and I have now have more views in a month (in 9 days) then in any other month in the last year!


Looked at as a weekly view I had an amazing amount of traffic in the two weeks following the Prime Rib Soup post.

And yes Prime Rib Soup is now my most popular blog post – easily blowing away my Freshly Pressed post of last December: List of Lost Wishes


But now things are back to normal – thank you to all my regular readers who keep coming back to see what silliness I am posting this time. I really appreciate your visits, and your comments!

Hope you are having a wonderful 2014 so far – I know I am!

I still haven’t figured out how to predict what will become a (minor) internet sensation – but it is so cool when I manage to get it right.

2013 in review: My Greatest Hits!

I posted my WordPress 2013 in Review summary (courtesy of the WordPress Statistical monkey)

Click here to see the complete report.

In looking over my stats I thought I’d look at what ended up as my most viewed items of the year – here are my top-20 items and some of my thoughts on these items:

At Number 20:
Festive Food : Prime Rib!  with 50 Views
I wrote this post because my Post on using up Prime Rib leftovers had so many hits, and people left me messages asking about how to actually get to the leftover part! Closing the loop for my readers!

At Number 19: 13th minute of 13th hour of 13th day of the 13th year of the Millennium with 54 views
Written for the moment – how cool is 13:13:13 on 13/13/13?
That is like awesome symbolic fun-ness galore!

At Number 18: Happy Birthday to My Dead Father with 57 views
Written on my Dad’s birthday on November the 4th of 2013. I am touched by how many people have found my post via a Google Search for the phrase “Happy Birthday to My Dead Father.” It shows that I am not alone in reminiscing about my father. Cheers Dad, and to all the other Dads who have passed from this earth. You are remembered.

At Number 17: Haiku: MEASURE with 60 views
Most of the views coming from the day I posted this one. Haiku-Heights on Blogspot is a wonderful inspiration of writing and sharing Haikus. This one seemed to resonant with the Haiku readers because I choose the “musical” meaning of measure.

At Number 16: Overwhelming Desire with 63 views.
Written back in July 2012 and still going strong! One of my better poems posted here online – full of pepper and lust! Wish I could write this well all the time. Fun to write – and my goodness if I don’t think it is fun to read!

At Number 15: Haiku: Moral with 63 views
Another Haiku Height prompt. Again mostly viewed because of the Haiku Heights folks and the link-backs from posting there.

At Number 14: Haiku: TEACHER with 65 views.
Again traffic due to Haiku Heights. You haiku folks are amazing! This one also gets a few hits from people looking for the search terms: “haiku for teacher” and “teacher day haiku”

At Number 13: Haiku: Origami with 68 views.
From a Haiku Height prompt that really worked well for me. I created a haiku triad from this prompt that told a complete tale in 9 lines. This one is a haiku folded with words into an origami shape. Yep technically not a Haiku in the traditional sense – but the rules are meant to be broken when it makes things work better!

At Number 12: Sociology? What a Waste of an Education! with 70 views.
An essay from May 2012 after I had heard a call in show (on CBC radio) and one of the viewers had run down liberal arts, and specifically Sociology as a waste of an education. All the traffic seems to be from search engine hits on variations of the title containing Sociology and Waste. I enjoyed writing the piece so nice to see it still being read!

At Number 11: Haiku: SAND with 71 views.
What can I say about Haiku Heights? Not sure why this Haiku did as well as it did – but there ya go!

At Number 10: Haiku: SWING with 73 views.
This post proves the power of an awesome photograph! I have never had as many “WordPress reader” redirects on a single post. As soon as I posted people were viewing and reading. I should probably get a good camera and start taking some sweet photos to liven up my wall of words.

At Number 9: Unusual Foods: Cock Flavoured Soup with 78 views.
Every blog needs the usual silly post saying the words that have “animal” meanings and “sexual” references embedded into them. I saw this soup package at my local store and had a good chuckle. Yes this is real. Cock being not only a slang word for the male naughty bit, but also a proper word for a “rooster”.

At Number 8: Faking Happiness has a Downside with 96 views.
One of the very first things I ever wrote – and still getting monthly hits. We are all looking for happiness. The looking is fine – it is the faking that is dangerous! Pretending to be happy just ends up making you feel much more depressed than ever before. It is okay to be sad and blue. And if it is more than that – like depression – then do something real about it by finding someone to talk with and start back on the path to finding happiness.

At Number 7: Blogs I Enjoy with 110 views.
The best page on my blog! Go check it out and read the work of some real writers.

At Number 6: Welcome Reader! with 128 views.
The standard “about” page in need of an update I think – but yeah really doesn’t say much that it is in my top-10.

At Number 5: List of Lost Wishes with 133 views.
This one had carry-over power from my Freshly Pressed moment of glory at the end of December 2012. Thanks WordPress for making my Christmas 2012 quite festive! This is a sweet little story based on a real moment in my life captured as a story. I had no expectation it would have quite the impact that it did have. Just two people crossing paths and the power of a small act of kindness.

At Number 4: How to Tell if You Live in Poverty. with 229 views.
And still gaining monthly hits. An essay as a result of my frustration at hearing people with big houses, big cars, garages full of toys, and full garbage bags on the curb complaining how they were “living in poverty.” Excuse me while I say “fuck off and get a grip on reality!” Yep indeed you may be in debt up beyond your limits BUT that is not poverty. That is stupidity. The only poverty you have is one on thinking skills, and budgeting skills.

At Number 3: The Acid/Alkaline Food Myth with 240 views.
How on earth is this post still getting hits each month? Written in May 2012, this was a quick essay I wrote after reading about the most bogus of health concepts. Come on people please get some basic understanding of chemistry and biology! I am glad people are reading and finding this post – but what is amusing is some of the attack comments I get telling me how I am a big-pharma sell-out! The best thing our schools could do is teach more “critical thinking” skills so people would stop and think more about what is being said by anyone advocating the “quick” fix for anything. Snake Oil Doctors – not just history – still alive and well today!

At Number 2: Feast of Leftovers: Prime Rib Soup! with 639 views
This has been a phenomenal post for me – I wrote and posted it on December 27, 2013 and it has already received 639 views. It seems that being frugal and finding uses for leftover Prime Rib is heavy on people’s minds! There are many recipes about making the perfect Prime Rib. Apparently not so many about what to do with those tasty tasty leftovers!

And the Number 1 Post: More Fear of Apples: Malusdomesticaphobia with 734 views
This post was a surprise to me (along with the related post that started it: A Fear of Apples with 297 views)
Really it started out as a bit of a memory ramble about my “aversion” to apples. Seems I am not alone in my apple quirk. Mostly people just want to know what a “fear of apples” is called. And my post answers that in the title. I get 1-2 visits every day via Google Search, and some days up to 14 people looking for the magical word: Malusdometicaphobia.

Now your turn! Let me know what posts you enjoyed on my blog, and let me know what you think I should write more of in the future!

Happy New Year, and thanks for making my blogging enjoyable. If I didn’t have readers I wouldn’t be writing. You are awesome!

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Or Click Here to see my own version of the 2013 MerlinSpielen’s Greatest Hits