Poem: eMPTY

there is nothing


only i

which in fact
makes it less

than nothing.

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Poem: Wasted

i am aimless and misguided
a tattered map without a star
all crumbled bright and broken
in the gutter by the walkway
slowly tumbling with the wind.

Poem: Tickled to Death

another moment gone
time is moving on
is this all we have?
flooding this space
with monotonous sound?
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Poem: She

softly she slipped
she sighed
softly she came
she called
softly she went
she’s gone.

Poem: Banana

happy to see me?
look over here
long ripe firm
feel it
peel it
pull it out
taste it
touch it
slurp it up
oh banana
oh baby
oh oh oh
it feels so naughty
it feels so nice
it feels so healthy
when you’re doing it right.


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