Poem: Ruby-days

Ruby-autumn bows her head
sheds her clothes
sheds her crown
takes up ruby-white instead
Ruby-cold pulls us near; wraps us tight
in numbing ruby-kisses
blooming cheeks with snow-brushed
ruby-roses ruby-glowing
in winter’s twinkling ruby-lights

ruby-cold on ruby-noses
ruby-Santa with ruby-wishes
ruby-sparkles on the tree
ruby-hopes to keep us warm

We walk along in ruby-time
ruby-crunching ‘neath our boots
You lean in close ruby-whisper
ruby-spark my ruby-thoughts
calling us home to our ruby-bed
ruby-lips to ruby-touch
caressing ruby-skin
ruby-chest ruby-breasts
ruby-hips on ruby-fire
ruby-bodies laying close

ruby-desires burn all night.

Haiku: Enraptured

不完美的完美 / Beauty of imperfect

(Photo credit: Kovis)

I am obsessed with
her perfect imperfections.
My tongue stays silent.

Poem: Well Salted

We slide past
each fully aware
senses aroused
feeling oceans
moving inside
rushing tides
cresting waves
surging depths
with memories
we haven’t yet made

until all I imagine
is the warm taste of salt
sliding over my tongue.

Poem: Open Your Ache

I can see
You feel it
deep down
burning inside
just aching
slow throbbing
in beating
I can help
come here
lean close

let me rub
just so

let me soothe
just so

and teasing
then easing
your moaning
from grimace
to groaning
let it slip
let it slide
deeper and deeper
opening wide
stroking that aching
pounding it out
penetrating heat
working it out

Oh yes there!

now firmer
now harder
give into the flow
give into the feeling
spinning and reeling

now the big finish
can you feel it?
can you take it?
do you mean it?
come to completion
our slow spin
crumpling apart.

Poem: Moira Sweet Moira

We talked in the daylight
We danced in the moonlight
And did I happen to mention
you’ve roused this intention
I cannot deny

And so sweet Moira
I want to enjoy ya
so let’s get naked
and then make lots
of dirty noise!

You are so delightful
You’re moves make my heart full
You’re such a distraction
oozing with attraction
I cannot deny

And so sweet Moira
I want to enjoy ya
so let’s get naked
and check-out your carpet
on the floor!

What have you done to me?
To make me so needy?
I just can’t get enough
of your sweetest stuff
I cannot deny

And so sweet Moira
I want to enjoy ya
so let’s get naked
and stay together
in eternal sin!

Sweet sweet Moira
You’re an addiction
Oh my Moira sweet treat!


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