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June 16th: Happy National Fudge Day (USA)

After discovering it was International Fresh Veggies Day I remembered that the United States of America has many unique holidays and observances. I did a quick search for USA Observances and discovered that while the rest of the world celebrates Fresh Veggies today (along with Fathers Day) in the USA it is National Fudge Day.

I think I have nothing more to say – really you can draw your own conclusions on that one!

Veggies or Fudge? Which one to choose?

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June 16th: Happy International Fresh Veggies Day

So you know how the internet is just made for random browsing of clicking from this that and the other thing? I know you don’t do that – ever. However, in my boredom this morning I did just that and guess what today is not just Fathers Day!

NO – it is more than that. It is International Fresh Veggies Day. A day to honour fresh food from the garden. It is spring here in the Northern Hemisphere of the world – and autumn down in the lands of the south. So all farming parts of the world are enjoying the bounty of Mother Earth while celebrating Fathers Day. It is like a mom and pop event today – so nice.

So all you kids in honour of your Dad – today be nice and eat your vegetables! It is good for you. Really it is. I’m a Dad and I just said so is why…

How are you celebrating today?

13th minute of 13th hour of 13th day of the 13th year of the Millennium


Are you triskaidekaphobic? That would be one that suffers from an abnormal fear of the number 13. Well today is a day full of thirteens! The only thing that would have made it better is if it was a Friday. Unfortunately, the calendar just couldn’t line up that part of the phobia. My deepest sympathy for your disappointment.

Oh yeah, and about that millennium thing: the 21st century really began on January 1st 2001 – cause there is no “year zero” in the calendar! So here we are – a full thirteen years into the new millennium. On the plus side that meant we could party like it was 1999 for a whole year – Prince is a genius I tell you! Beside Party like it is 2000 has no clever cadence embedded. And yes I did party for the whole Y2K non-event because I had the funny glasses.

Millennium Glasses

Party On!

Yes yes of course I know the above is also just based on my time zone – being Eastern Standard Time. If you are really quick you could enjoy your phobic thrills by zipping across time-zones and feeling the thrill of irrational superstitious fear again and again and again. You could even have chosen thirteen times zones just to tempt fate.

And if you missed it this time don’t worry you can experience a similar thrilling time coincidence  for every month of this year on the 13th. The beauty of this first one is not only is it the 13th day of the month – it is also the 13th day of the entire year! Did you just get goosebumps? I know I did. Sorta. Might have been the wind..

For you Friday the 13th fearing types (you fun loving paraskevidekatriaphobics!)  - you will have to wait  until September and the December for your full chilling experience. In the meantime enjoy today – and maybe take a ride to the 13th floor and see what can go wrong!

Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day!

Subtle Dreams

Stretched out
wrapped in curve
of my supine body
nestled warmly
enmeshed in this
delicious scent
tingling afterglow
of evening frolic
eyes half-closed
purring contentment
what blissful dreams
do cats possess
that hold such joy?


don’t stand so close
soft fuzzy sweater
piece of my heart
bad moon rising
I saw what you did
down the crazy river
wise men say
moonlight desires
are sending me
somewhere over
by the way
I died in your arms.