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Ramble: Watching the Traffic

The great thing about blogging is one can watch the traffic moving through the site. The ebbs and flows of readers wandering past what one has written. Overall, I really don’t get overly obsessed about what I am writing and who is reading. At least not like I did the first few months of blogging on WordPress.

When I first started my WordPress blog I became addicted to the traffic counts and the endorphin rush of “Likes”. ~OH GOD THEY LIKE ME!~

But I am over that now. Mostly. Somewhat.

Generally I get a steady stream of about 60 views per day. And since I don’t actively try and force that number that is really quite amazingly good! Thanks folks! From the search traffic it would appear about half my daily traffic is from search results sending people my way. My tagging is working!

What I do find puzzling is what gets “Liked” and what doesn’t! So today I posted POEM: Preamble in honour of National Poetry Month. It currently has 11 likes already. For me to get that many Likes in one day on any post I write is phenomenal! But the question is why?

It isn’t really that important a question or that compelling a puzzle – just one of those things that occasionally tweaks my brain and makes me go “huh – wonder why that might be?”

Oh and for those that are curious – I actually do not own a dog. That is all fiction.

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If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Plans made: Lock and Load
Tonight I will get it done!
First let me check my….


Winter Grimace


sharp arctic ice wind
shakes us with winter tantrum.
Shocked frozen faces.

Inspired by the word prompt “GRIMACE” at

No Resolution – Only a Word

The end of one thing
is the seed of tomorrow
forever renewed.

Here we are in a new year and I have made no resolutions this year. That is not new, for long ago I resolved to make no New Year’s resolutions. It is the only resolution I have ever kept.

An interesting variation on choosing a resolution is choosing a “theme word” for the year. A word that becomes the guide in livings, choosing, being throughout the year.

The words I have seen on other people’s posts are words like: grateful, gracious, open, explore, expand, accept and so on. Wonderful positive expansive words that open the mind and soul to possibility and growth.

None of those words resonate with me. And as I was reading the “theme word” posts of other writers a word popped into my head that does work. My word is this: empty

I think this is a wonderful word – for me. It has many levels of meaning. It is a verb and a noun and an adjective. It is a state of being “unfilled” and so it is being open to possibility, yet not preoccupied with filling that possibility. It is about being able to say “I don’t need that.”

This year I will be empty.

What do you think of my theme word? And what word would you choose for your 2014 theme?

Epiphany Revisited

breath deep
momentous realization
unexpected unforeseen
striking lightening
sizzling awakening
three wise men
three graces
three fates
three witches
three blind mice
three thirds
making whole
what is holy
third time lucky
third times the charm
as the third wheel
ménage à trois
Un clou chasse l’autre
J’y suis allé pour des clous

Mais comment j’ai pu être si aveugle
si aveugle