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Poem: Huddled Masses

They flee
because they are forced
They did not choose
to have bombs dropping on their door
They do no want
to live on a hostile foreign shore.

They run
with what is precious
in aching arms
frightened children crying for food
They would rather
be anywhere than in their homes.

We here
casually watch them
like swarming ants
afraid to share our warm comforts;
“not my problem!”
forgetting the words etched offshore:

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The words reshaped for our store-time romp
and shopping trips “Give me your deals, and more,
We’re huddled shoppers yearning for cheap goods,
Those wretched products imported from foreign shore.
Send these, consumers, tempest-tost to shop,
We have greeters beside the exit door!”

They die
in small leaky boats
hungry and cold
while we indulge in thankful feast;
“turn off Fox news!”
pass the only turkey that matters.

We bar
the harbors and gates
barricade us
in shopping malls and big-box stores
for black Friday
and the best prices of the year.

They hope
for better lives and
the warm silence
of landing in a safe harbor
for Friday prayers
without any bullets and blood.

We give
loud thanks for our own
safe delusions
free delivery with each purchase
filling our homes
with dreams we never knew we needed.

Poem: First Frost

At first
we laugh at secret jokes
with hidden entendre meanings
thinking only we can understand;

secret glances
stolen from the moon
beneath the budding branches
in those fading days of June…

heat sweeps us
off our feet into lounging
hardly dressed barely touching
as hungry waves carry us along…

arrives unexpected
the glorious blush of colour
blinding us into seeing youth
even as it swirls away with the wind…

cold snaps sharply
leaving frosty white streaks
covering the valleys and peaks
where time has come to roost…

at last
we stop laughing
somberly sullenly realizing
we understood nothing at all.

Poem: Undreamt

I had that dream again
the one where it all ends.
Grey dust;
grey clouds;
grey wind.

Metal taste on my tongue
of frozen iron pipes.
No time
no hope
no prayer.

Do you believe in love?
Fresh spring blossoms and leaves
swirl down;
swirl round;
blown away.

I would eat lemon cake;
happiness is just a slice.
Sharp knife –
cold blade
on skin.

It is clear to me now
for me there will be none.
of truth.

I woke to pouring rain.
Song playing in my brain
echoing –
white noise.

Omens on the ceiling;
this bed will be my grave.
goose down

Prickling on naked skin
eroded down to bone’s

Time is the game we play
knowing we’ll never win.
Hour glass

Will you remember these words?
They fester inside me;

I hear it is best to
sing loud after midnight;

Poem: Decline

We slip out under
cold grey slate skies
walking through rain
sharing our selves
by recounting
random stories
surprised how quick
time had wrinkled
our memories
and our bodies.

rain soaked we crossed
crumbling old bridges
watching water
flowing fast past
leaping leaving
us forgotten
on ancient rocks
we had seen shaped.

In our hotel
we warmed ourselves
shared hot shower
of younger days
when we enhanced
the raw wet steam
with naked heat.

We are now talk
and wry wistful
we drift asleep
in separate beds
filled with longing
and contentment.

Poem: Hollow Again

space is shapeless
until formed and framed
by solid geometry
swirled neatly stacked
divided assembled
capturing nothing
signifying nothing
with simple emptiness
elegantly residing inside
waiting to be filled

a box is most useful
for the space it embraces
a man is most useful
for the embrace he enfolds
one is for filling
the other for giving
both are most useful
when holding sweet treasures
safely entwined.


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