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Ramble: Watching the Traffic

The great thing about blogging is one can watch the traffic moving through the site. The ebbs and flows of readers wandering past what one has written. Overall, I really don’t get overly obsessed about what I am writing and who is reading. At least not like I did the first few months of blogging on WordPress.

When I first started my WordPress blog I became addicted to the traffic counts and the endorphin rush of “Likes”. ~OH GOD THEY LIKE ME!~

But I am over that now. Mostly. Somewhat.

Generally I get a steady stream of about 60 views per day. And since I don’t actively try and force that number that is really quite amazingly good! Thanks folks! From the search traffic it would appear about half my daily traffic is from search results sending people my way. My tagging is working!

What I do find puzzling is what gets “Liked” and what doesn’t! So today I posted POEM: Preamble in honour of National Poetry Month. It currently has 11 likes already. For me to get that many Likes in one day on any post I write is phenomenal! But the question is why?

It isn’t really that important a question or that compelling a puzzle – just one of those things that occasionally tweaks my brain and makes me go “huh – wonder why that might be?”

Oh and for those that are curious – I actually do not own a dog. That is all fiction.

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POEM: Punctuation

opening quotation

hash Continue reading

POEM: Open Wounds

look here see
this invisible mark
the one near my heart;
it still bleeds

look down see
another just below
out of visible sight;
it still seeps Continue reading

POEM: Yes, Yes, Yes.


Yes I can
and yes I will
Yes she said
and yes we did
Yes we danced
and yes we chanced


Yes I am
and yes you are
Yes she does
and yes she loves
Yes we have
and yes we laughed


Yes I scream
and yes I dream
yes she stayed
and yes she laid
Yes we are
and yes we’ll stay


POEM: Stunning

You slip stream across my dream
breath stopping heart racing
driving all thoughts away
no minds only bodies at play
there is only you
want of you
desire of you
need of you
smell of you
feel of you
taste of you
touch of you
sound of you
sweet silken
stunning obsession
taking hold
as you fill me
and I fill you.