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Photo: National Best Friend Day

A day to break lonely hearts in two


Photo: Fullness of Spring

Early June arrives in splendor
fully dressed for whatever her pleasure
June reminds me of when I was in love

and June reminds me
that love no longer
find me attractive


I too am a flower
brilliant in my time
now long past my prime
I fade


and hope I have left
a memory in my passing.

Ramble: Three Years of Blogging Crap

Wow and huzzah Рit is my three year blog-versary! Amazing how much crap can be crapped and posted in three years. If I averaged 30 minutes every day on WordPress posting and  browsing then  I have wasted about 548 hours of my life. Wow.


3 Year Anniversary Achievement

Poem: Ourania Above


OURANIA (also Urania)

Born of memory
embedded and traced
in the stars above
mother to music
dirges of death
hymns of hope

You inspire us
mortals below
raising our eyes
from mud to stars
we weary mundane
sparked into dreaming
dazzled by your
twinkling lights
capturing souls
heroes and foes
circling ever above.

Poem: Creep Replayed

slow motion free fall
please don`t look at all
i`m normally outta sight
didn`t mean to cause a fright

look away look away
you don`t hear what I say
i`m a creep i`m a weirdo
radiohead etched in my head

you make me dream
in Don Quixote colours
i`d like to worship you
make you my Dulcinea

stay away stay away
i`d only make you scream
i`m a creep i`m a weirdo
radiohead etched in my head

what the hell am I doing here?
i don’t belong never belong
Quasimodo words all wrong
why don`t I appeal to you?

run away run away
you can`t hear what I say
i`m a creep i`m a weirdo
radiohead etched in my head



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