Poem: Acceptance

Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’, derived from the Latin ‘acquiēscere’ (to find rest in).

There is no use
in me at all;
There is no point
in me at all;
There is only
realization –
dawning deeply
rising meekly:

I am who I am.

Unlike Descartes
who thought and was
It’s clear to me
I am not who
I thought to be
and in not being
the ideal that
I thought to think
it seems I’m naught
but thought unthought
mind undone besot
unthinked distraught.

I am dust-bin
hydrated then
winding down
spinning round
soulless tedium

You cannot save me
even resurrect re-wind me

I am done and undone
spring unsprung
string unstrung
song untongued
barren broken
disowned unspun

You can not hear me
nor do you care to listen

these words slip
past your eyes
instantly vanish
from your thoughts
as you ponder
the potential
of last night’s
stale leftovers
to satisfy your
gnawing hunger

There is no use
in this at all;
There is no point
in this at all;
There is only
realization –
dawning fully
sinking softly:

I am no one at all.

Poem: Water Logged

sliding down my skin
dripping with our sin
salty tears and sweat
we soaking ocean wet
riding out these waves
that make us misbehave

tsunami rushing in
tsunami bursting out
tsunami take me home
tsunami in in your arms
resting joyous now.

still waters run deep
swirling primal memories
embedded in our genes.

Poem: Calamity

wretched fortune kissed my brow
kicked my legs and knocked me down
laughed her wicked snickering sigh
slammed the door with no “good-bye”

left me aching on the street
took the shoes from off my feet
sprinkled glass down tinkling rain
made it clear it was my blame

then she called me up again
told me how it caused her pain
left her lonely sleepless nights
whispered words she knew excites

can’t resist the way she begs
opens wide her arms and legs
whispering sweetness with my name
crawling back to her I came

she pulled me back to her bed
guided me to where she led
I absorbed the words she said
let her take my heart and head

I gave the past no regard
she mounted me – riding hard
willingly I gave her all
she just snickered at my fall

she just snickered at the end
gasping laughing as she grinned
let me know fiat complete
threw me back out to the street

I know you think I’m absurd
writing poems out on the curb
I am waiting for her call
back again then I will crawl.

Poem: Vision

she wore a dress
exquisite as she
she wore a dress
such loveliness

the loveliest dress
that you might see
a wonderful dress
that made me stare
and forget to breathe

yet nothing compares
not even that dress
to the way that she
shaped that dress
filled that dress
moved that dress

nothing that she wears
will ever compare
to the she that she is
and the way that she is
and the way that I feel
when she is so near
dress or no dress
dressed or undressed
I am obsessed
with the she that is she
and the wonder of her
stirring the wonder in me…

she wore a dress
a simple white dress
exquisite as she.

Poem: No Place: Just Like Home…

Judgement sentenced harsh words proclaimed:
“Anomaly of human life –
freak of nature might be a man.
Has two legs yet crawls like a beast,
shedding hair like a mangy mutt.
Corpulent torso sagging butt
Doesn’t fit in; doesn’t belong.
Now go away and go to hell!”

I’ve tried in my time
to belong somewhere –
anywhere at all!
Yet reality
always makes it clear
that there is no place
for the freaks like me;
Phantom of your dreams.
No. No Place at all –
anywhere at all!
Its just like home
to be all alone.
Its just like home
made of stick and stones
and names that wound me.

If I had a super power
I wouldn’t be invisible
because I was born that way
and I want the world to see
every stigmata on my skin
every harsh word tattooed in blood
see how you shaped me with your thoughts
see how you birthed me with your hate
and then recoiled by what you shaped
you pushed me away – just like home!

Oh the glory of being home –
let me take off this plastic mask
that covers my pustulant soul
Shush now! Don’t scream. Here we’re alone.
Here there is no-one. Take a look.
Take a look. Go ahead and stare.

Now then – let us begin…