Poem: Cold Facts

you beguiled me
pulled me in
so all I was
was simply yours

you never loved me
you never really did
you never loved me
and no one ever will

i’m just a fool
fallen under
your wanton spell
without a will

you never loved me
you never truly could
you never loved me
and no one ever will

you took it all
and wanted more
sent me packing
right out your door

you never loved me
you never wanted to
you never loved me
and no one ever will

memories are
all i have now
and they just burn
an aching hole

you never loved me
you only loved yourself
you never loved me
and no one ever will

i don’t regret
the nights we shared
all i regret
is everything else.

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Poem: Lunacy

wounded moon
you spiral above me
elliptical loops
waxing and waning
ebbing and flowing

wounded moon
spilling me into
your madness
tidal force
pulling me into
your grasp

wounded moon
sucking me
into surrender
only to be
released at

wounded moon
on the horizon
stained by my heart
blotting out stars
with your passing

wounded moon
dripping autumn
and nectar memories
kissing summer

Poem: Sylph

you wander in
and wander out
never stay or
just look about

i would hold you
i would keep you
nestled warmly
against my skin

you slide away
you slip aside
always moving
into the night

there is no way
to make you stay
you’d rather be
gone out to play.

Poem: Fade

slide across front to back
curtain closing much to fast
gray on grey slight interweave
dappled yellow on my sleeve
lights go low lights go dim
here I am alone again

careful not to get to close
wouldn’t want to bring you down
hear the rumble of the ground
swirling down and going fast
rushing rushing into the past
here I am with my poem

and there you go on your own.

Poem: Be



be lithe
be light
be right
be wrong

be all
day long
be along
and still

be one
be two
be free
be you
be us

be lead

don’t let it get
inside your head

be up
be down
be square
be round


life is lived
until we’re dead
be alive
be unafraid
be whatever
you have become

just be
and be
and be
some more
then be away
being on
your way.


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