Poem: Skeletal Words

you use words
as if they have meaning.
you use sounds
as if they are music.

but under –
it’s all just a jumble.
all bare-bones
and without any feeling.

you tell me
my own reality.
shaping it
to your inner visions.

yet deep down
the bones are all broken-
into laughable grotesque

you can’t see
what you’re really doing.
your cold hands
stealing heat from my heart.

somehow you
became chiropractic-
my structure to your truth.

leave me be!
I don’t need your healing.
you’re taking
away all my comfort.

these white bones-
a gift from my father-
hold me up
when you would break me down.

why do you
think you see clearly-
into my soul-
when you can’t feel my words?

Poem: Caustic

chemical edge
clinical tone
biting away
soft outer shell
peel it right back
raw flesh beneath
see how it bleeds
making me scream
sweet agony
you remind me
every bedtime
taking your fill
what doesn’t kill
makes you stronger
there is no growth
without my pain
you gift to me
slicing down deep
saying again
better to give
than to receive
you give it all
don’t hold it back
better for me
these marks i bare
bruises and wounds
are just a sign
of your true love
caring for me
the alcohol
of your kisses
keeping me pure.

the minutes pass
like forever
then you are done
in your blue eyes
whisper to me
your blessed words:

“you should be happy
I keep you alive”.

Oh and i am
these tears of joy
drift me to sleep
as your greatness
oozes back out
between my legs.

Poem: Fucking Stupid

He said he’d be there
every day and night
taking all the sad
making it all right
“just trust me he said…”

you’re fucking stupid
it’s just the way you are
you’re fucking stupid
and really aren’t we all?

He came every chance
and never delivered
on words that he said
leaving you empty
where once you were filled

you’re fucking stupid
it’s just the way you are
you’re fucking stupid
and really aren’t we all?

Here it is on Friday
the kids are all in bed
you’re doing a crossword
and he’s late at work
– with an office clerk

you’re fucking stupid
it’s just the way you are
you’re fucking stupid
and really aren’t we all?

midnight you awaken
to the sound of him
he drifts in silent
smelling of passion
that isn’t your own

he’s fucking stupid
it’s just the way he is
he’s fucking stupid
and really aren’t we all?

by morning you’ve left
with kids and the dog
leaving him wondering
how did it go wrong
– how did you find out?

he’s fucking stupid
glad it isn’t you
he’s fucking stupid
and she doesn’t have a clue.

Poem: Esmerelda

she cannot see
nor can she feel
how my heart aches

i stand watchful
vigilant hidden away
hunched in darkness

she would never believe
that i too can love and dream
in technicolor swirls of yearning

she thinks i am like these gargoyles
hideous mythology without any heart
ancient sentry without any soul

she asks and i give
she smiles and i obey
she weeps and i bleed

and when she dances and swirls
i know heaven has no place for me.