Photo: Trump Action Figures

Yes you can get Trump as an Action figure! Along with his trusty partner Melania…


Look here:


Donald the Troll – note accurate finger sizing!

Real estate developer Donald Trump, gestures during a news conference with the PGA in New York May 1, 2014. New Jersey's Trump National Golf Club, a course owned by Trump, will host the 2022 PGA Championship.  REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT GOLF BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY) - RTR3NFFK

The Donald really

aquamarina_trump ala Stringray

Melania (Marina) Trump


melania The real non-plastic Melania

Get your Donald and Melania set as the package deal of the Troll and Mermaid set! Includes live action gaming instructions. We are going nuclear baby!


Poem: Porn Vacation

dreaming of insemination
deluded exploitation
all about procreation
unengaged constipation
childish relaxation
obsessive fascination
uncoupled copulation
dreaming of insemination
deluded subjugation
exploding explanation
personal strangulation
handcrafted masturbation
failing at multiplication
loneliest triangulation
dribbling desolation.

Poem: Q.E.D.

I said
I love you
I said
how I feel

You said
So show me
You said
make it real

And that’s
the problem:
is surreal

there can
be no proof
the appeal

you find
in my words
and how
they reside

your own heart
my feelings

those words
either thrive
or fade
into nothing.


Ramble: Thanks

Freezing. Minus one celsius outside my window. Canadian thanksgiving morning. Watching the sunrise over the frosty roofs down the street.

I should sweep my floor. Fur fluff from my cat drifts by my feet.


Coffee steams in the chill of my house. Might be time to turn on the heat. Or at least find my sweaters. Summer is gone. Winter is peeking around the edges of the calendar.

Poem: Craddled

come here
come near
come close
these arms
to feel
my love
my dear
stay here.