Back to Reality

Long weekends are so tiring. I think I need another day off! But no that isn’t going to happen. Here is Monday at her enticing best full of sunshine and bird song. It just isn’t working for me.

At least I am sitting up in bed trying to capture some waking thoughts on my keyboard. Monday has certainly aroused me that much. Cat is staring at me with eyes reflecting Monday’s glowing sunrise. He keeps mmrrphing at me.

This day is going to start with or without me. And Monday seems fixated on dragging me along back into work. Already my so-called smart phone is vibrating with questions in need of immediate answers. If it was really a smart phone it would know this is a Monday after a long-weekend and just shutdown. Its buzzing seems rather angry now – perhaps I shouldn’t offend my technological helpers?

My laptop is now warning of low-power.  That is eerie the way my laptop knows how I am feeling; low-power yes that describes this moment. My smart phone should take notes.

Collectively with the buzzing phone, the mmrrphing cat, the low-power warning  -oh and now there goes my alarm clock – Monday’s enticement has worked. I stumble out of bed, the cat dances happily between my feet and I try not to drop my laptop. I haven’t saved my words yet.

Monday is really a sweet lady under that prim outfit – but oh so goal oriented. I think Monday needs to go on a picnic with me down by the river and drink sweet white wine until she is dizzy and giddy – and she slips into her holiday Monday clothes. Then we can dance to the murmel murmel of the river and make our own rules.

Yes that is what should happen.  But not today….



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