Graceful Pirouette

Shoulders rigid in anger
she burns me with her glare
straightens her attitude
gathers her skirt

At the banister she
stands retiré devant
catches my eye with her poise
pirouettes to the landing
descending the stairs gracefully
she pauses tilts her head
finally speaking her mind

“Fuck off.”

continuing her departure with pure elegance;
leaving me breathless in wonder.


11 responses

  1. Psh. Those dancer-types are all divas.


  2. i like people who are straightforward 😉 teehee


  3. nothing elegant about this beeotch … but you have conveyed that well


    1. Actually she was very elegant – just a little over-wrought I guess is the phrase I might use 🙂


      1. saying f off to someone is not very elegant


      2. Oh but you didn’t hear her enunciation! Impeccable I tell you. It was like each letter had been savoured and selected for a special drop of venom. Simply delightful. Yes yes indeed. 🙂


      3. ahh ok an elegant enunciator…that has a potty mouth 🙂


      4. See now you are getting the big picture 😀


  4. My, she sounds charming!


    1. Yes indeed – I love those elegant types the best 🙂


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