Conversation After Dinner

Apple pie

Dinner was simply lovely.

Thank you for letting me into your kitchen
Oh coffee yes that would be perfect

And now I think, I know
I should return the favour.
Would you say object to
letting me make you dessert?
I think I need a slice of pie

I’d need to raid your pantry
I hope you don’t mind
if I see what you’ve got.
Would you protest if
I turned your oven on?
Best to pre-heat slowly
as we find the ingredients
so we can bake something sweet.

Not too sweet you say?
Well I do like my dessert
just oh so slightly tart

Show me your pie dish
Oh yes that’ll do
Let me knead you some pastry
and line your lovely dish
The secret is not to overwork
just use the lightest touch

Those are lovely apples
would you peel them for me?
Then blend with sugar and spice
and whatever else might be nice
Yes there – oh and there.
Too much you say?
I’m sure it’ll fit in your dish.

Let me have a lick
oh that is delightful.

What’s that?
Your oven is ready?
Well what are we waiting for?
Let’s slip it in
and let it bake
golden and bubbly hot.

Oh that smells so amazing
it’ll be no time until
your buzzer goes…

Oh that was delighful
and well worth the wait
I hope you don’t mind
the mess I made in
my making you dessert.

Another slice?
Oh certainly…

I think I’d enjoy that.

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  1. Reblogged this on merlinspielen and commented:

    It is PI day! What does that mean? Well it is the 14th day of the 3rd month and that could be written as 3.14 – which is the first three numbers in PI. PI for those that have chosen to suppress their math is the mystical number derived from a circle – basically being defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is a magical number in the world of mathematics. Just like pie is a magical treat in the world of eating 🙂

    So in Honour of PI Day I have reposted my PIE Post – enjoy 🙂


      1. Indeed! This sort of thing makes me giggle, in a very childish way, and makes me want to make a silly remark about having a lovely pie dish myself to show you, except that would be lying as I don’t even possess a pie dish!! And are you sure you want those apples peeled?!

        Ahem … I will just go and giggle quietly to myself in a corner!


      1. Your poem makes me think of anything but apples and pies. Well not the kind we eat anyways. Oh wait….Dang it. You know what I mean. Or I hope you do.


      1. Hey, I’m just a simple country girl, here!

        I have been very excited to have a newish & working literal oven in my kitchen, into which I can plop things at the temperature recommended by a recipe, for the duration recommended by said recipe, and thence pull them out with some expectation of doneness.

        I withhold all comment as to the state of my metaphorical oven, thank you.

        Enjoy your baking!


      1. New Jersey Shore?? oh dear do not put me there… please noooo
        I’m a proper New England Lady (smirk)


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