Lemony Goodies!

Birthday 2013

Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

15 thoughts on “Lemony Goodies!

      • Your mind is always playing with words and letters and the play of them all isn’t it? Mine too a little bit but I can tell it’s something that always is going on in the back of your mind. Have you ever taken a simple sentence and said it over and over, each time emphasizing a different word? I know, old school, but it still fascinates me.


      • Yes! Exactly. I remember discovering this poem years and years ago when I was young and impressionable:
        No Where
        no where
        now here
        Now Here

        And after that I was hooked 🙂


      • Ah yes I can imagine that colours would be a fascination for you as a visual artist. I would think also the play of light and shadow would also distract you. Distract is the wrong world – I think it is rather something that catches your eye and holds you. I am not so much caught by the colours – but by light and patterns of light. I am terribly myopic (literally and sometimes even figuratively) and my one lens has this awesome astigmatism that causes bright lights to diffract and distort into halos and will-o-wisps. I used to do a lot of black and white photography (especially in low-light conditions) and slightly out of focus to distort the light. Then try and bring out the grain of the paper and film during development. In a way capturing in a photo the distorted and magical world my own eyes naturally see. Huh – now that I have written that perhaps my playing with words is that same refraction/diffraction in another form…


      • Yes! That was so interesting to read and see how your mind plays with all sorts of things like that and figures out how to make its own. But also once it starts you’re sunk right?? For me in particular there is a set of colours that usually come in mid April but can be weeks later and who knows, maybe earlier this year, but there is a particular pale green of the leaves coming out and for some reason the sky and water go to their own particular blues and grays, and it stops me in my tracks. Literally! One day I’ll drive off the road because of those darn colours. And they only last a short time so I can’t stop looking at them trying to remember them until next year.


      • I have been reading and viewing your Jennifer Tan art blog and it was only today I realized you have another delightfully colourful and creative blog over at http://pippinstudio.ca
        I now see what you mean about being fascinated by colours. Given the absolutely awesome place you live and create – I can see how you’d be in danger of driving the wrong way. Wow! I have been clicking through blog-post after blog-post to drink in the colours and scenery of where you live…


      • Oh that’s so nice. Yes I’m a lucky girl! And luckiest of all because I’ve never gotten over it! I had the first beach day here yesterday and could hardly think after. Trying to write a blog post about it right now actually. Thank you for looking. That was kind.


      • I am still there reading! Wow. I suddenly have the urge to become a vagabond and wander the coastline of BC.
        And really today was a beach day? Here in Ontario it is a melting snow day. I guess I could pretend the big puddle is a beach of sorts, and make mud patterns all the way home!


      • It was unseasonably warm for sure but yes, it was warm enough to lie on a beach in a bikini and think it was a summer day. Not a boiling hot summer day, and the water is icy, but still. March! Yours is coming fast! It was SO excellent stomping around on the sand looking at things. My beach and I have a funny relationship. Play in the mud but don’t try to pass it off as a beach day. Two delightful things but very different!


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