Haiku: SWING

Tire Swing

old tire and a tree
shape a thousand hours into
memories of joy.

Inspired by the word prompt “SWING” at


34 thoughts on “Haiku: SWING

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  2. Thanks for the photo. We never had tire swings as kids, because my dad was more ambitious and put up a “proper” swing set. But whenever I’d see them, I’d picture people sitting through them (i.e., on the lower part), which didn’t look very comfortable. Suddenly another childhood mystery solved!


    • You can sit on a tire swing anyway that you think will work. Or stand. Or lie through the hole on your belly or your back…or shimmy up the the rope to the branch. Solo or in packs of kids. A tire swing isn’t just a sit-down and swing thing. It is a horse, a spaceship, a merry-go-round, and a doorway to summer imagination.


    • Yes there is that! I fell a few times myself and those tires are heavy. I even broke a finger. Still there were many happy hours of swinging and spinning and pretending! is that her only memory of the tire swing?


      • probably it is her last memory because she was pretty little and the tire swing was taken down after her accident–though we still had regular rope and wooden seat swings strung from a couple of trees in our backyard–and she and I both enjoyed swinging, so the spirit of your haiku was not lost at all


      • I’m glad to hear her swinging days didn’t just end there! Childhood is all about exploring risks and pushing boundaries – the secret is to learn to take it slow and experiment.


      • They do – maybe not as much as we want them to slow down – but they do. Just that little half second extra thought of “oh the last time that hurt..let me do it differently.


  3. So true! I have many fond memories of the tire swing in our yard that, after many years of good use, collapsed when the branch broke. (The dogwood tree was dying from blight.) Great haiku πŸ™‚


    • Sad about the tree – yet still there is the memory! Had several tire swings over the years. At least one is still out there in the old woodlot. Old truck tire hanging from a heavy wire cable…been 20 years and still swinging. Which makes one aware just how long a tire lasts!


  4. I see so many swings like this with well worn earth under the swing showing all the joy of childhood that has been had…thank you for the sweet memory..


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