Poem: Spark and Gasp

(For National Poetry Month I am writing a stream-of-conscious poem per day. Each poem is  a spontaneous poem single edit – could get messy!  Here is Poem #1…a day behind!)


brushing past single touch
glancing by in passing
electric interchange
ionized interplay
kick-starting my heart
ripping out my lungs
leaving me gasping
leaving me asking
reeling and pleading
please oh god-damn please
touch me again some more.


3 responses

  1. Amazing if this really was unedited you are on good form!


    1. That was really unedited. 2 minutes to write.
      You are very kind with your comment (I see some things I need to adjust in the words…)
      Title popped into my head – and off I went 🙂


      1. Those moments when the creative muse is with us are magical x It sounds to me as if you’ve bit a seam of creative gold- keep mining it!


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