Poem: Conclusion

things begin with anticipation
and ever growing expectation
then meet the stark realization
of being me

the problem isn’t you
you never were to blame
all that ever was wrong
is caught inside the frame
of being me

things implode in great frustration
and ever building aggravation
only to be stuck in evasions
of being me

the problem is so clear
the solution simple
there remains no sense
in the continuation
of being me.

The End.


5 responses

  1. So… what does this mean? And where are you?


    1. Ahh that is the eternal question of poetry. What does it mean?
      Kinda like that question about life. What does it mean?
      Like the daily question that tears through our minds. What does it mean?
      Mostly it means that I realize how puerile and poorly written are my posts
      Mostly it means that I realize how redundant and cliche are my poetics
      My poetry is drivel
      some sickly sweet murmurings enjoyed and soon forgotten
      some bitter battered bricks of charred words best avoided
      and most just bland brain dumps of thought to binary dustbin
      muddled mumblings
      jaundiced jumblings

      I wrote; I formatted:
      carefully submitted;
      carelessly ejected wholly dejected:
      my manuscripts rejected.
      I tried; I failed. I quit.

      no more
      no more
      never more…

      Except I am an addict
      A linguistic sadist
      So here I still am
      when the words get too many
      they spill out across my keyboard
      in mangled emotion and simile
      in hope that this time
      i will find that rhyme
      that soulful rhythm
      that connects me to you to we to us
      in synergy and understanding
      of Ahhhh:
      yes I have felt that too!


      1. I hear you. Quitting is only one solution. It’s not an ending, and people who feel the words as you do are subject to harsh masters. It’s these masters that keep us going; a part of us, above us, below too, threaded through, incorruptible, endless. This is one addiction worth feeding.

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      2. Sometimes you have to quit – just so you can start again!


  2. Hummmmm. Interesting poem. I will read more soon. Please check out my blog and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. My blog is


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