Poem: Delusion

Beautiful people
with beautiful wives
living out dreams
of beautiful lies

Bountiful places
of bountiful lives
gorging on hopes
with bountiful lies.


2 responses

  1. Beauty is a lie. But lies never contain beauty.

    Well put my friend. FYI, I was hanging out in Death Valley’s Little Brother today. Three cappuccinos later, and pending that awesome rainstorm, I remain caffeinated and greatly soaked.


    1. It has been a while since I have been to DVLB – and wowsa THREE! You must be like vibrating all that rain right out of your clothing.

      I will beg to differ on the thought that lies never contain beauty. Sometimes the best lies are the most beautiful things we could ever dream – at least for as long as we can believe them to be real.

      Glad you stopped by


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