Poem: Open Your Ache

I can see
You feel it
deep down
burning inside
just aching
slow throbbing
in beating
I can help
come here
lean close

let me rub
just so

let me soothe
just so

and teasing
then easing
your moaning
from grimace
to groaning
let it slip
let it slide
deeper and deeper
opening wide
stroking that aching
pounding it out
penetrating heat
working it out

Oh yes there!

now firmer
now harder
give into the flow
give into the feeling
spinning and reeling

now the big finish
can you feel it?
can you take it?
do you mean it?
come to completion
our slow spin
crumpling apart.


2 responses

    1. A poem about a massage. Well maybe a really good massage 🙂


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