Haiku: Ruby (HH Prompt)


vivid bittersweet
autumn blushed lips tinged with heat
your memory burns.


Inspired by the theme word “RUBY” at
Haiku Horizons

14 responses

  1. Very very good. Visual and sensory.


    1. In the silence of my empty house I write words for my imaginary lover hoping my longing will make her real. This is actually a form of insanity. And it makes for adequately readable poetry!


  2. Arouses deep emotions,


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


  3. May have been years since you’ve dated but seems to me you are being a bit selfish not sharing your poetic self in “person”!!!


    1. Lol. Some things are simply better in theory than they prove to be in reality.


  4. You have a natural way with romance. Nicely done..


    1. At least on “paper” I do – been years since I had a date! You are very kind to say so – I guess it is like the old saying about teaching and doing. In this case romance and poetry. Which would be “those that can do; and those that can’t write poetry!”


      1. You made me laugh with this one:

        In the case of romance and poetry “those that can do; and those that can’t write poetry!”

        And I write a LOT of poetry myself.

        You have an obviously a romantic soul inside you and also a humorous personality.

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  5. Nice! It ties in well with the previous prompt, too.


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