Poem: Wreck of Time

unannounced january staggers in
dark and bitter once again
shredding last year’s moments
across the tears in my carpet

she stays coldly
kneels in the corner
mocking my hours
with her tick tock murmur

outside the wind laments
scrabbles against my doors and panes
demanding immediate entrance
january’s eyes tell me otherwise

and there is the winter rain
lustrous gleaming old friend
reliable companion to my night
dancing across my roof

the sound of freezing rain reminds me
I am still alive and barely breathing
while the world’s entombed in ice
wrapped into crystal silence

january yawns in boredom
draws icicle nails down my skin
promising she will return
to have her way
have her say
take my day

unannounced february sidles in
brighter than january ever was
february rages between homicidal
and constant sulky suicidal

she bleakly hovers near my bed
slips her thoughts inside my head
makes me long for the sound of rain
as she stares at me with cat disdain

outside the distant march of spring
whistles down empty salt-stained streets
making us hope that april may arrive
and guide us into hopeful summer times

february snorts making me doubt
i will ever feel warmth on my skin
she stretches across my tattered carpet
painfully picking at the well-worn tears

and right there on cue the rain begins again
making february quiver and whimper in panic
she storms out looking for january
leaving me for tomorrow…


2 responses

  1. Beautifully done, Merlin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Appreciate you reading and taking the time to leave a comment!


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