Poem: Six Years to the Day

I won’t lie
its been a while
since anything
has made me smile

When he died
she turned her back
mocked my grief
told me to pack

Been six years
six years today
since anyone
asked me to play

I moved out
soon after that
took four years
to make it fact

My relief
at being free
soon turned in
to misery

Been six years
six years today
since anyone
asked me to lay

I thought time
would mend it all
make me feel
not half as small

More bad news
with every day
its ended
yet still I pay

Been six years
six years today
since anyone
asked me to stray

The truth is
so hard to take
empty bed
my nightly fate

These four walls
are all I get
my only gift

Been six years
six years today
since anyone
asked me to stay

I grow old
and numb inside
feel my heart
softly subside

shunned held at bay
driven out
and cast away

six long years
six years today
since anyone
asked me to play.


10 responses

  1. no, i won’t click on “like”. this is the sorta thing i’ll re-read, and (re) consider. that poem speaks (of coarse) to many. possibly most, but i sus/ex/pect you too will agree: we hope not. what you have SAID is to remind those of us not heavily identifying with the words is how lucky, really, we are. thanks ~


  2. Saw you over at Chrsity’s and thought I’d pay you a visit…

    This reminds me of when in my own life my father was blamed for my mother’s early death.
    Wasn’t his fault. But he suffered none the less…

    Does time heal anything. We can only hope. Some ghosts don’t like to be put to bed –
    but they enjoy being the stars of verse.

    Does have a mournful rhythm of a ‘country done me wrong ballad’. So I too can see how this could be sung.

    Cheers, Jules


    1. Hey Jules!
      Thank you so much. Been busy with work and life so I haven’t been writing or visiting much. Having people drop by and say nice things about a post is making me get a craving for writing.
      And time does heal – well rather time lets us forget. And that is as close to healing as we ever get 🙂


  3. I came back to re-read this one today and find the repetition of the six years to be so powerful… Sometimes it is hard to pull ourselves out of a sunken state but we can with time and determination…


    1. Thank you so very much! I have about a dozen poems that I have written that I look at and think – did I do that? This is one of those – so any kind words that anyone says about one of those twelve makes my step a wee bit lighter and think “Yes I can write a half-decent poem”
      These wounds we carry – both the visible and the sublime – can often be used to create a thing of beauty when focused in just the right way.


  4. Great poem… I truly liked this stanza:
    ~”I grow old
    and numb inside
    feel my heart
    softly subside”~
    Best wishes & Happy week to you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Really appreciate the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay, listen to the esteemed advice of Trent P. That’s right, I am third person and Trent P believes in mixing tenses in the same sentence. At any rate. You should take this poem and either put it to music yourself or have someone else do it. It is that good. It is a song.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you can stop by and read my posts anytime! Thank you for the very kind words. The words have been stewing in my brain all day – as I took a long drive.


      1. Sing it, my friend. I’ll be around.

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