Poem: To Be Your Valentine


Sainted Saint Valentine
faithfully condemned to die
still gave his manly heart
as the ultimate proof of art

True love driven by devotion
Pure love immortalized by death
Real love dances on unmarked graves
covered in fresh plucked daisies
left by the naive and innocent

Saint Valentine died
and by tragedy became
the luckiest of men
to never see love fade
or waver in temptation

I would be your martyr
spill my blood red blood
rip out my joyous heart
knowing that now and forever
our consuming consummation
is enshrined in amber time
marked yearly by passing rite
as the people
sing and chant
of us now gone:

“they lived
they loved
they Romeo-ed
they Juliette-ed
yielded passion
in every dying
hungry breath
and never faded”

And so I too would be blessed
in an eternity entwined with you.


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