Poem: Diddley

diddley diddley dop
tell me when to stop
diddley day diddley do
hey there how do you do?

diddley diddley dee
you’ll never be free
diddley hey diddley ho
no matter where you go

diddley diddley day
do you want to play?
diddley may diddley mo
what do you have to show?

diddley diddley drew
now we’re out of view
diddley say diddley so
I didn’t hear a no!

diddley diddley dong
how can this be wrong?
diddley way diddley wo
hey wait please don’t go!

diddley diddley dop
you never said to stop…


2 responses

  1. you know your mind has a link to, say, the 1960’s when someone sings
    DOO WAH DIDDEE and you continue

    & Ry Cooder had a song: I Wish Someone Would Tell Me (What Doo Wah diddee Means)

    ah, reminiscences …


    1. Hey that was actually what started my own Diddley rampage!

      Liked by 1 person

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