Ramble: Three Years of Blogging Crap

Wow and huzzah – it is my three year blog-versary! Amazing how much crap can be crapped and posted in three years. If I averaged 30 minutes every day on WordPress posting and  browsing then  I have wasted about 548 hours of my life. Wow.


3 Year Anniversary Achievement


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  1. Congrats, Merlin. Your crap is amazing! 🙂

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    1. Ah yeah as in used unwisely and thrown away; as in atrophy and of no avail. Time blown; burned up; consumed and corroded. Crumbled into decay. Time decreased, depleted and dissipated. The water of life diverted and drained. Whoosh and gone. Eaten away, emptied and exhausted. Fritter ed away,so as to be misapplied; misemployed; misused.
      Hours poured down the drain and run through.
      Squandered and thrown away.
      But then we do what we are and are what we do. I am six decades of rinse recycle repeat and flush.


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