Poem: I Wrote

I wrote a letter;
I wrote brave words.
I wrote a tale
of swords and woes.

I never sent it.
I ripped it up,
burned it; stomped it;
then tossed it out.

You’ll never read it.
You’ll never know;
How I love you
and need your touch.

Did you hear the wind
sighing by brush
meanings hidden
warm in its breath?

Half-hearted murmurs
calling your name.
Midnight secrets
we’ll never share.

Look out your window!
Watch the noon winds;
Carrying thoughts
I’ll never say.

Dust devils dancing,
ashes inside;
Whispering words.
Sharing my lies.

You’ll never know this.
You’ll never see.
There is no hope
for fools like me.

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