Poem: No Place: Just Like Home…

Judgement sentenced harsh words proclaimed:
“Anomaly of human life –
freak of nature might be a man.
Has two legs yet crawls like a beast,
shedding hair like a mangy mutt.
Corpulent torso sagging butt
Doesn’t fit in; doesn’t belong.
Now go away and go to hell!”

I’ve tried in my time
to belong somewhere –
anywhere at all!
Yet reality
always makes it clear
that there is no place
for the freaks like me;
Phantom of your dreams.
No. No Place at all –
anywhere at all!
Its just like home
to be all alone.
Its just like home
made of stick and stones
and names that wound me.

If I had a super power
I wouldn’t be invisible
because I was born that way
and I want the world to see
every stigmata on my skin
every harsh word tattooed in blood
see how you shaped me with your thoughts
see how you birthed me with your hate
and then recoiled by what you shaped
you pushed me away – just like home!

Oh the glory of being home –
let me take off this plastic mask
that covers my pustulant soul
Shush now! Don’t scream. Here we’re alone.
Here there is no-one. Take a look.
Take a look. Go ahead and stare.

Now then – let us begin…


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