Poem: Calamity

wretched fortune kissed my brow
kicked my legs and knocked me down
laughed her wicked snickering sigh
slammed the door with no “good-bye”

left me aching on the street
took the shoes from off my feet
sprinkled glass down tinkling rain
made it clear it was my blame

then she called me up again
told me how it caused her pain
left her lonely sleepless nights
whispered words she knew excites

can’t resist the way she begs
opens wide her arms and legs
whispering sweetness with my name
crawling back to her I came

she pulled me back to her bed
guided me to where she led
I absorbed the words she said
let her take my heart and head

I gave the past no regard
she mounted me – riding hard
willingly I gave her all
she just snickered at my fall

she just snickered at the end
gasping laughing as she grinned
let me know fiat complete
threw me back out to the street

I know you think I’m absurd
writing poems out on the curb
I am waiting for her call
back again then I will crawl.

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