Poem: Skeletal Words

you use words
as if they have meaning.
you use sounds
as if they are music.

but under –
it’s all just a jumble.
all bare-bones
and without any feeling.

you tell me
my own reality.
shaping it
to your inner visions.

yet deep down
the bones are all broken-
into laughable grotesque

you can’t see
what you’re really doing.
your cold hands
stealing heat from my heart.

somehow you
became chiropractic-
my structure to your truth.

leave me be!
I don’t need your healing.
you’re taking
away all my comfort.

these white bones-
a gift from my father-
hold me up
when you would break me down.

why do you
think you see clearly-
into my soul-
when you can’t feel my words?

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