Third Day of Christmas: Three French Hens

The Third Day of Christmas is here!
Yes that is correct Christmas doesn’t start the day after American Thanksgiving! In fact it doesn’t start until December 25th. Before that it is Advent: The anticipation of the Christmas season!


On the third day of Christmas
My true love gave to me:
Three French Hens…

December 27th is here and so this is the “Third Day of Christmas.” In the Western Christian tradition this is the  Feast of Saint John – which makes this St. John’s Day. St. John was the only Apostle that was not martyred  for his beliefs, and lived into old age.

One story of St. John the Evangelist  suggests that there was an attempt to poison St. John, by placing poison in his wine. St. John blessed the wine before he drank it – and thus cleansed it of any poison. A tradition of this day is then to take a bottle of wine to Church, and have the bottle blessed. The wine is then consumed as part of the family dinner.

As part of the tradition of this day in the Roman rite of the Church this prayer was part…

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