Seventh Day of Christmas: Seven Swans-a-Swimming

The Seventh Day of Christmas revisited. And it is a day for the birds again…


On the seventh day of Christmas
My true love gave to me:
Seven Swans-a-Swimming…

December 31st  is here and so this is the “Seventh Day of Christmas” – and the last day of 2014. This day is also the feast day for  St. Sylvester. Sylvester was the Pontiff during the time of the Emperor Constantine. Constantine is noted for officially adopting Christianity as the religion of Rome. Constantine granted greater freedom to Christians, and during his reign, many of Rome’s great churches were founded.

Sylvester as the Pope at the time is credited with ushering in the dawn of the Christian era in Europe. Now while today is the feast day for Sylvester  the focus of this day is that it is the end of the secular year.  And in that light – across much of Europe this day is often referred to as “Silvester” as the celebration of New Year’s Eve.

Every culture seems…

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  1. Doh I originally wrote Eighth when I did the reblog! Apparently trying to make 2015 vanish from my calendar!


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