Poem: Blither Blather

Careful careful where you step!
See the tiny little man
dancing dancing where I stand.
Why does you have to mock me?
The women turn walk away
not another dares to stay;
they shake up-down head to toe
emphatic in saying no!

You are subtle curves and sighs –
makes me hungry for your lies.
Alice Alice go away
come again and you can stay.
’tisn’t isn’t very nice
that I have to ask you twice.
Why am I the one to beg –
when you want me in your bed?

This bad habit eats my soul
takes bad rabbit down that hole;
Why is it you never hear
what it is that I do fear?
The smell of you on my skin
naked feel of naked sin.
Someone dancing on my grave
Blither blather how I rave!

Softly softly do caress
let me help you from your dress –
slip you body down this way.
Feel these words I have to say;
Hardly barely almost there
tie me to a wooden chair.
Take me firmly in your hand
Work your magic like I planned.

Touching squeezing come alive
Look here deeply in my eyes.
I was little once before;
Come on make me grow some more.
Look it how I’m bigger now –
Make me fit inside that hole.
Wriggle wiggle up inside
Take it; make it; open wide!

This dance we do you and I
No one can demystify
We surrender each to each
Slowly yielding to the breach
Revealing every sordid
revelled moment ever lived
I am yours forever now –
but what of you is mine?

Shall we have a conversation?

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