Poem: March nineteenth

We’re just along for the ride
clinging to warm silent earth
spinning through stellar dust
holding on tight for dear life

We tiny brained tiny beings
think we own this Gaian womb
and have divine rights to take
exhume, consume, so we presume

This planet owes us nothing
where is our humane gratitude
to our brooding mother earth?
We self-entitled unthinking horde?

Stop your ravenous suckling and see:
We’ve drunk dry the milk of youth
and now we gorge upon her blood
pumping her inner secrets dry.

Homo sapiens supreme stupidity
live for the now and forget the future
for today we live and tomorrow we die
so why the hell should we give a fuck?

She is passive and ever patient
her strength; her power is time itself
She has outlasted worse plagues then us
and one day she will return to the sun

We each and individual humans
are mere seconds of itching annoyance
to her great journey through space.
One day we will disappear forever.

And no-one will even notice our passing.
The universe won’t miss the toxic dust
we mindlessly consumed and excreted.
We are born with nothing;
We exit with that same gift.


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